Friday, February 28, 2014

Anger Management

Anger Management
Here at the Relationship Center of Albuquerque, we treat patients who are struggling with anger management. Dealing with anger is often a very difficult thing because any number of situations can trigger intense feelings of anger, making it almost impossible to control on your own.
Everyone deals with anger on some level, but some of our patients have a much harder time with it, often feeling it at random moments and to a much more severe degree than what the situation calls for.
This type of anger is often the result of an inability to express emotions, which then leads to violence, rage, or hostility. It could mean harming themselves or others, which puts everyone at danger. It is very important that anyone feeling like they don’t have control over their anger see us for anger management.
We provide patients with individualized treatment options for anger management, but beginning with one-on-one counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy. At these sessions, patients learn why they feel these angry and aggressive emotions, learn how to deal with their feelings, and find ways to avoid bottling up emotions until they explode. Not only does this help our patients live a normal, healthy life, but it prevents substance abuse and self-harm, which is common among patients with anger management issues.
Call Dr. Marji Prefontaine at 505-821-1948 in Albuquerque, NM to learn more about anger management treatments.

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